To make money in real estate, you have to be able to consistently find great deals. s. What is the best way to find the most deeply discounted properties? By sending more offers!

In this very first episode, Brandon will discuss his Send More Offers system and how sending 50 offers a week will lead you to explosive profits and deal flow as a real estate wholesaler. . He also talks about the many benefits of doing real estate deals virtually (without ever going on seller appointments) and shares a proven plan for doing more deals with bigger spreads…in a repeatable way.  

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Key Takeaways

  • Exactly how he got started in real estate and why he chose wholesaling
  • The many benefits of doing real estate deals virtually   
  • How he came up with the Send More Offers method and why sending 50 offers a week can explode the business
  • The methodology behind sending written offers and how it’s a game changer for any wholesaler
  • How he got to the magic number of 50 offers per week and why it matters
  • The importance of efficiency in sending your written offers (if you don’t do it right, it can cost you your business)
  • How to become an expert at  building rapport with sellers over the phone
  • The exact sales process that his acquisition manager follows to close deal after deal 
  • Exploring the three Cs to get more deals, make more money,  and do more business