In this episode, Ashley and Darius share how they got started in real estate and how they were able to quickly build a successful wholesaling business from the ground up. They talk about the struggles and challenges of starting a real estate business from scratch, the mistakes they made early on and how, with some grit and determination, they were able to build a revenue-generating machine. They also share the exact steps they took to land a  $30K deal and why bigger deals are easier to find than you might think. 

Key Takeaways

  • When they started their business and the process of building it
  • What got them into real estate wholesaling
  • Darius talks about their core foundation and learning from it
  • What their business looked like back from 2019 to 2020
  • The current focus of their business
  • Breaking down their recent $30K deal
  • Their most recommended books
  • Who they want to spend time with and learn from
  • The first piece of advice they gave themselves at the beginning
  • What they will do with the money if given a massive revenue
  • Their advice to listeners on being successful