We’re back with another jam packed episode where we share the tips, tricks and strategies you can immediately implement to start making money in real estate…RIGHT NOW!

In today’s show, our guest is Detrick Lawson. He is one of Brandon’s former students who applied what he learned in the Send More Offers program and is now living life on his own terms, doing more deals and earning big profits, in just one year!

In this episode, Detrick talks about how he went from working a full-time job to becoming a full time real estate wholesaler. He shares exactly how he got started, what his day to day operations look like and he goes deep on a recent deal he did where he profited $19K..

Join Detrick as he breaks down the struggles and challenges of starting his business while working a full time job, how he almost gave up and threw in the towel, and the one critical piece of advice he has for anyone who wants to build their own real estate business. You don’t want to miss it!

Key Takeaways

  • How and why he decided to start his own real estate business
  • How he transitioned from working in Corporate America to going full-time in real estate
  • What he’s been able to achieve in his real estate business since leaving his 9-to-5 job and going all in on wholesaling
  • What is was like when he first started his business and one of the biggest mistakes he made when first starting out
  • The steps he took to find the right VA’s (Virtual Assistants) and how he manages them
  • The exact tools he uses for mass cold calling and text blasting seller leads
  • He breaks down his entire business process and shares one critical task all business owners must do on a daily basis
  • He breaks down a recent deal he did and how he was able to generate $19,000 in profits
  • The most important KPI’s (Key performance indicators) every business owner should focus on
  • He recommends the one business book that led to explosive growth in both his life AND his real estate wholesaling business


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