In today’s show, Brandon speaks with Eric Carter. Not that long ago, Eric didn’t know anything about real estate. But he saw it as a vehicle for him to escape his job and start earning some REAL money. 

He quickly realized that real estate wholesaling was “real” when he made more on one deal than he did in an ENTIRE YEAR at his previous job working at Walmart! 

In this episode, Eric shares how he got started in real estate while still working a full-time job. He also reveals all the dirty details of his first deal and how he ALMOST lost it at the last minute, and what he did to salvage the deal.


Key Takeaways

  • How Eric first got started as a wholesaler
  • The one thing that turned him from skeptic to believer
  • How long it took him to land his very first real estate deal
  • The marketing methods he used to find the deal
  • His unique approach to connecting with sellers
  • The power of having a KILLER follow up system in place and how it led him to a WHOPPER of a deal
  • The importance of focus and where most new wholesalers get it wrong
  • How to clearly define your goals and why without a clear “why” you’re dead in the water
  • How he dealt with frustration when first starting out
  • The one piece of advice he would give to anyone looking to start a business


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