Are you a traditional real estate agent or modern real estate agent? How do you approach wholesaling? Curious? Jamesia dissects these compelling questions and talks about what you need to do to compete in today’s market. 

In today’s episode, Brandon speaks with Jamesia, one of his students whom he helped on her wholesaling journey. In less than a month, she was able to close her very first wholesaling deal!

Jamesia discusses how she got involved in wholesaling as a real estate agent and how this decision has led to explosive profits in her business. She shares all the mistakes she made when first starting out, what she discovered along the way, and gives you helpful tips for anyone trying to land their first wholesaling deal. You’ll learn what it’s like to be a newbie in the real estate wholesaling space and all of the explosive opportunities that await you. Stay tuned!


Key Takeaways

  • What led her into becoming a real estate wholesaler
  • What her experience as a traditional real estate agent taught her and why she decided to jump into wholesaling
  • Why newbie wholesalers get intimidated so quickly and how to overcome fear when first starting out
  • What she learned from the people she’s worked with throughout her career as an agent
  • How long it took to get her first wholesale deal
  • A simple trick for building rapport with motivated sellers in less than a minute
  • Her experience with her very first wholesaling deal and the exact steps she took to close it 
  • She shares the one book that has been pivotal in helping her achieve massive success with real estate
  • Her advice for anyone who is trying to get their very first real estate deal
  • What are her long term financial goals with real estate and how she plans to scale and grow her business


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