Have you ever wondered if you were on the right career path? There are so many people who get stuck in a job that they either don’t like or worse…actually HATE going to. In today’s episode, Brandon speaks with Hasani, who just escaped corporate America to pursue a full-time career as a real estate wholesaler.

Taking the plunge can be scary, but Hasani knew he was playing small and had to make a big move. Hasani shares how he stumbled onto real estate wholesaling and why he decided to leave a cushy job in corporate America to go all-in on his dream of becoming a real estate entrepreneur. You won’t want to miss a second of this incredibly inspirational episode. 

Key Takeaways

  • How Hasani stumbled onto real estate wholesaling and why he chose this route over other methods of real estate investing
  • How to maximize your time while working a full-time job and building a business at the same time 
  • Hasani’s unconventional method for landing deals in his local market
  • How to wholesale houses in markets where you don’t live
  • The secret to becoming an effective real estate entrepreneur
  • The importance of impeccable follow-up and why this is a must to achieve success as a wholesaler
  • Deal breakdown: The exact steps Hasani took to close a $30,000 wholesaling deal
  • Why Hasani decided to go all-in on one marketing channel and the marketing channel that has yielded the best results
  • How momentum can easily turn against you when you lose focus, and how to keep momentum on your side


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