In this inspiring episode, Brandon speaks with former Engineer turned real estate wholesaler, Woudlin Babtise. Wouldlin shares how he discovered real estate and why he decided to start wholesaling real estate. He talks about the many mistakes he made when first starting out and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

He reveals his marketing method of choice and shares his opinions on direct mail vs other marketing channels. He also talks about his goals of building a rental portfolio and how he plans on using his wholesaling pipeline to find great rentals for his portfolio. This is another incredible episode not to be missed.

Key Takeaways

  • How Wouldin got his start in real estate and particularly wholesaling 
  • How to prosper in the middle of a pandemic
  • The mindset needed to become an entrepreneur and why it’s not for everyone
  • How he overcame adversity after losing his job 
  • Why he sees wholesaling as one of the smartest and fastest ways to build a rental portfolio
  • His marketing channel(s) of choice
  • The biggest lesson he learned on his first direct mail campaign
  • His thoughts and opinions on direct mail
  • Why he doesn’t go on seller appointments
  • How many offers he sends out per week and why this number is critical to success as a real estate wholesaler
  • His one piece of advice for anyone working a full time job and thinking about starting a real estate wholesaling business
  • How to generate more revenue by a simple shift in focus
  • Breaking down a MONSTER deal (which also turned out to be one of the quickest deals he’d ever done)
  • The big mistake that almost cost him the deal (this will surprise you)
  • Is being your own boss all that it’s cracked up to be?
  • What he would do if he had to start all over again


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