In this #REPLAY episode, Brandon chatted with this staggering real estate investor. Not that long ago, this newbie didn’t know anything about real estate. But he saw it as a vehicle for him to escape his job and start earning a massive amount of cash. He then realizes that he’s making way more money in the real estate empire than in his previous job at Walmart. Re-live his journey once more by tuning in to today’s episode.

Key Takeaways

  • How Eric first got started as a wholesaler
  • The one thing that turned him from skeptic to believer
  • How long it took him to land his very first real estate deal
  • The marketing methods he used to find the deal
  • His unique approach to connecting with sellers
  • The power of having a KILLER follow up system in place and how it led him to a WHOPPER of a deal
  • The importance of focus and where most new wholesalers get it wrong
  • How to clearly define your goals and why without a clear “why” you’re dead in the water
  • How he dealt with frustration when first starting out
  • The one piece of advice he would give to anyone looking to start a business


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