You don’t have to be big to make big money.”

Coming back in the show is a crowd favorite from episode five! Meet Eric Carter, a previous Walmart employee who dabbled his way to real estate investing and is now garnering multiple shiny deals. We’re up for an exciting episode because today, he’ll be updating us on how well he’s been doing in his wholesaling business and sharing with us the tactics and learning curbs that he stumbled upon along the way. Eric also lays down his plans and financial goals for this calendar year and the strategies he will implement to get there. 

Don’t miss his inspiring words, and be ready to have a fire session! Listen to this podcast and pay it forward to someone who needs it.

Key Takeaways:

  • How are things going for Eric this year?
  • Did he use anything he learned from his previous experience in his business and what he’s doing today?
  • As entrepreneurs, we’re dealing with our team, trying to manage them and ensure that they’re given the right feedback. 
  • What does he think is the biggest change or difference that allowed him to have that certain mindset?
  • How have this year’s changes opened his eyes to what you should be looking to do in your business at any given time?
  • If you see a point where you’re spending more and making less, there’s something wrong. 
  • What is he looking forward to in the future?



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