Real estate is a very competitive industry, and to outshine others, you must learn to implement a top-notch strategy. Developing a sales pipeline is your best friend, as it will ultimately drive you through your success. But the question is… how? How can you create systems and use them fully to your advantage? How can you get started? 

If you think the whole thing’s quite intimidating, don’t worry because serial entrepreneur, Malhar Bhagat is here to help us clear some confusion! Fasten your seatbelts because today, we will master converting leads into money!

Key Takeaways:

  • Breaking down the systems that he has for generating leads and wholesaling
  • How to go after pocket listings and JV deals?
  • What were some of the first lead generation channels he used to generate his opportunities directly to wholesale and flip?
  • To differentiate yourself as a real cash buyer, you have to have proof of funds. Be very clear on the criteria that you’re looking for
  • The person with the most certainty in a conversation, controls the conversation
  • What systems do he have in place for his lead generation?



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